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Alike Release Notes v3.0.6

Date Added May 8, 2014


Build 5343
Updated: 4/8/2014


Alike v3.0.6 has a number of improvements and bug fixes.


 - Improved VM restore performance to XenServer and Hyper-V

 - New VM inventory search feature in VM Explorer

 - Improvements in Alike UI look and feel, including the wizard progression screens and VM Explorer page


 - Addresses issue where failed Q-Hybrid backups could be reported as validated in VM explorer despite the job being failed

 - Improves Hyper-V restore resilience to network and disk intermittencies

 - Eliminates excessive logging when serious errors occur

 - Resolves restore issue to Hyper-V where Alike could not restore to destination volumes greater than 2TB

 - Addresses issue where Alike installation fails due to invalid service credentials

 - Fixes issue with file-level restore large file copy

 - Addresses bug with monthly schedules that prevents end-of-month schedules from running

 - Fixes a VM deletion issue where some deleted VMs could not be backed up again

 - Improves offsite vaulting issue that caused some vaulting operations to intermittently stall in single-core environments

 - Addresses issue where Q-Hybrid replication jobs could fail, but jobs were not marked as failed

 - Running manual validation on a VM that has not been validated yet no longer causes spurious corruption messages

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